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Lesbian Dilemmas: 20 Fears We Have About U-Hauling Using My Girl

27 آبان, 781 توسط مدیریت

Greetings, lezzies. It seems like simply last night that I found myself violently twerking at
Henrietta Hudson
or producing aside with a masked brunette at
The Box
or setting up with girls from
Herstory Personals
’til the early many hours on the evening with my BFFs. Now I’m arguing over which bedding to purchase, delivering cat use backlinks and forward, and drifting off to sleep entangled within my girlfriend’s limbs at 10pm. I never thought I would be around, but I’m totally
. I am excited AF—I Will Be
thus crazy
using my
, and then we *actually* have a
healthier connection
, that is an initial for my situation. (exactly what do we state? I like manic borderline
party ladies
lez f*ckbois.
) So the next thing within our extremely xxx, really healthier, really lesbian connection is to transfer to a facility apartment in Boerum Hill after knowing both for eight several months. That is like a decade in lesbian decades, and so I don’t believe its as crazy as it seems.

Getting the anxious girl that i’m, we obvi involve some
major concerns
about cohabiting using the lovely sample definitely my gf.

1. we’ve got totally different tastes in art.

I nearly spit down my personal wine another evening when my personal gf texted me an image of WATERCOLOR HUMMINGBIRDS as potential art for our apartment. Like questioned all of our whole relationship. I’m sure she felt the same way when she noticed my personal macabre Christian Colin printing (

as if

I could pay for a sculpture). I think her artwork is actually boring, and she thinks my artwork is significantly troubling. But we agree with fundamental facts, such as for example
cheese panels
becoming the most important food group, that is certainly just what really does matter.

2. When in the morning we planning shit?

Lez not prim: All of us have
panic and anxiety attack
over going to the bathroom in close proximity to anyone they can be sex with. I could usually prepare it in order that We conserve


for my apartment. However now there is no these types of thing as my apartment; its

our very own

apartment and our bathroom


I’m my intestinal tracts cramping with constipation simply considering it.

3. whenever may I dip a tortilla into plain bitter ointment watching

Van Der Pump Procedures


Weitere Informationen hier

We mourn the death of my
key solitary behavior
and my affinity for shady snack and foolish AF reality television. My personal girlfriend is significantly more normal than i will be. However, i can not assist but question just what her key unmarried conduct is actually.

4. whenever will we skip each other?

I am enthusiastic about my personal sweetheart and very damn content spending every night sequestered in bed present re-ordering sushi. But we spent the past 10 times apart, therefore did amazing things for our sex-life. I actually got the woman bones the second I saw this lady.

5. What if we break up?

Like, obvi i am hoping we don’t, but

can you imagine

? I know the lady sufficiently to know that she’sn’t a vindictive psycho. (i’ve an enhanced amount in vindictive psychos so I can identify all of them.) I know that we could—presumably—respectfully cohabitate until we found a sublet if necessary, nevertheless the thought of that hurts my personal heart.

6. exactly why TF really does she have got all this sporting equipment?

This woman is keeping her material during my teeny small bed room until we move subsequent weekend. And I also’ve never skilled blinding unreasonable fury over a tennis racket, but when you have actually these types of a tiny area, everything additional feels huge. Not forgetting, I known their for almost annually and now have never seen her play football. She’d better be upwards bright and early every MF day, acquiring her fitness on, if she is keeping that crap within our apartment. I’m sure she’d state the exact same thing about my countless selection of black colored leggings and spray tan containers.

7. I am not saying accountable adequate to resolve a cat.

I am aware it’s our duty as lesbians to save a cat the next we move in together, but Really don’t also make sure you give me. I might entirely overlook an undesirable little kitten.

8. We have no clue ideas on how to make.

These are serving, I don’t consume unless I’m around for a luxurious meal at a fashionable bistro that requires $15 cocktails (which explains why i will be constantly broke and
) or purchasing in. But since the just-dating period has ended, and now we are LIVING TOGETHER, my personal gf will know that one time we cooked on her behalf only using
was merely a manner of impressing the lady and receiving to own
20 orgasms
. I have not a clue simple tips to make.

9. Like, no idea.

Yes, we f*cking lied about all the bomb-ass Italian dishes i understand making. We never ever taken notice of my personal Sicilian mummy generating meatballs, and she offers myself shit about it every morning that We call the lady on my walk to your subway. “just how might you end up being an excellent wife to Ryan if you don’t know how to prepare? She really does such for you personally. So what can you provide to her? You bring pity to Grandma for not knowing steps to make sauce,” and so forth.

10. let’s say we come to be dull or boring?

We had previously been named a party lady. Today I truly haven’t any want to binge drink and stay out all night like I used to. And I’m scared it tends to make myself monotonous.

11. Now I’m formally from the marketplace.

Despite my penchant for naughty dance,
swiping on Tinder
, and generating on with any person, I totally identify as a
lez. But since I have’ve made a vocation away from my personal online dating escapades, i am concerned about not being as “marketable” without my personal insane matchmaking life. I additionally love to flirt and
thirst trap
, yet again’ll end up being a lot more challenging.

12. imagine if we never ever go out once more?

Entirely likely as it’s going to get cold AF, and we also just adopted an innovative new

13. I hate that she throws moist bath towels on the floor.

14. She dislikes my personal music.

Yes, we pay attention to Disney Music each and every morning, plus it drives Ryan insane.  Not even preferred Disney tunes. I’m speaking market Disney songs. And I’m totes being Ursula for Halloween.

15. We nonetheless you shouldn’t concur about

Blue May Be The Warmest Colors


I believe it really is a masterpiece. She believes it is pretentious trash. Will we breakup over it? Stay tuned in.

16. When my buddies come over, will she subside?

Because my
Extended Isle
BFFs and I still need to have the girls-only drink evenings. Yes, Ryan counts as a boy contained in this context.

17. imagine if the sex will get incredibly dull?

Nobody wants to take into account gender as work, especially lesbians. We can be so smug we have actually a lot better gender, but no matter what, intercourse is actually work. I am concerned that with our regular tasks, anxiety, etc., our very own gender will you need to be lying side-by-side and scrubbing both’s clits. I understand we need drive ourselves to have interesting intercourse, in the event we’re tired.

18. I place cash There isn’t whatsoever of my personal issues.

I really don’t want to clean, OK? Therefore f*cking sue me. I want to hire people to clean, and my girlfriend thinks that’s ludicrous and inefficient. However remind the lady how gross the woman bath curtain was at her final apartment.

19. I dislike money discussions.



20. I truly love the lady, and I also’m afraid of screwing it up.

If you’ve caused it to be through this record, you most likely know that i will be
and inconvenient. I know this also, and I’m scared from it becoming excessively for my personal girl. At the least We give
great mind

Have you ever moved in with your girlfriend? How achieved it exercise individually? Are you significantly happy? Are you learning guardianship of the cat? Let us know for the commentary!

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